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Teaching Ethics is a website dedicated to promoting a free exchange of ideas among secondary school educators. It was set up and is maintained by Anthony Tiatorio. 

Mr. Tiatorio served for over 30 years as the Social Studies Department Head in the Mansfield, Massachusetts public schools where he wrote and implemented many successful ethics teaching strategies and lesson plans for social studies classes in grades 6 to 12.

Mr. Tiatorio calls for a history based, critical thinking, approach to ethics education. Through Teaching Ethics he offers to share his work and hopes to create a clearinghouse where teachers can contribute their own concerns, experiences and creativity in this area.

The basic postings on Teaching Ethics are two ETHICS WORKBOOKS* for students in grades 7 through 12. These workbooks present ways to embed ethics instruction into standard world and American history programs. They are offered as a modest first step toward building a database in this area. The workbooks, and the accompanying teacher’s guides, may be printed and duplicated by individual teachers for use with their classes. Supplementary active student involvement strategies developed by practicing teachers to implement ideas in the Ethics Workbooks are also posted and are free to schools.

 Duplication for sale or for any other commercial purpose is prohibited.

The Ethics Workbook I: World History was written for younger students in typical secondary world history classes in grades 7 – 10 as a first introduction to ethical issues.    It treats a wide array of topics and simplifies the thinking of the most common ethicists and philosophers across the span of civilization.

The Ethics Workbook II: American History was written for older students in typical secondary American history classes in grades 11 – 12. It examines the major conflicts and turning points in American History from an ethical perspective. 



"I hope that teachers will try the ideas included in the ETHICS WORKBOOKS, and will share their experiences through the Teaching Ethics website. The ETHICS WORKBOOKS are only a start toward building a collection of cognitive lesson plans in this discipline."


*All manuscript files on the Teaching Ethics website are in PDF format.
For optimum viewing, download the most recent edition of Adobe Acrobat Reader.